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Vive La Vivier, and Chic Utility

In Fashion on July 8, 2010 at 5:30 am

Clare Vivier’s La Tropizienne tote, $320

Remember that summer clothes spending freeze we talked about last month?  I’m still in it, the one exception being that $30 striped tote, which I’m wearing the daylights out of and love to pieces.

That said, it’s time to start thinking about Fall.  I just about swooned when I saw Clare Vivier’s bags over at Fashion Intel.

No logos, no gimmicks, no hardware rivaling that of a bank vault.  Just a boatload of timeless style. Just the way I like my everyday bags.  “Chic utility,” as their website describes it.  Indeed.

Here are some more beauties from her collection.

Le mini sac, $169

Nubuck messenger tote in navy, $345

iPad case, $99


Striped Tote: Summer Shopping Freeze Exception

In Fashion on June 9, 2010 at 5:30 am

Extra large sailor tote bag, $33 at banyanhippo on etsy.

I made several late winter/early spring splurges this year:  this nude gathered dress, these gladiator wedges, this waxed motorcycle jacket, these sky-high heels.  Staples, yes, and some on sale, but still – it was a bit of a spendy period.

Add to that a smattering of Target buys (Eugenia Kim hats galore, Cynthia Vincent yellow wedges, Zac Posen’s snap dress, and a black and white polka-dot bikini) and what do you have?

A shopping freeze!

Clothes only.  Let’s not get militant.

This is my favorite time of year not to shop for clothes.  The weather is as good as it gets in New England, i.e., temperamental but often gorgeous, and my motivation to spend time schlepping to Boston or New York is slim to none.  Given that the warm weather only lasts a few months, fall and spring are smarter investment seasons.

That said, sometimes in the midst of a freeze I get, well, an itch.  And I do like a style-packing bargain.

So when this sailor-striped tote crossed my path via The Neo-Traditionalist, which, incidentally, is fast becoming one of my favorite blogs, I couldn’t pass it up.  Yes, it’s huge – all the better for the beach or farmer’s market.

It should arrive in two weeks.  Meanwhile I’ll be sitting on my shopping hands.

Friday Flotsam: A Giant’s Pocketwatch and 4 Modes of Storage

In Fashion, Feathering the Nest, Flotsam on May 14, 2010 at 5:30 am

1. Design*Sponge’s DIY pocket watch wall clock.

2. This coffee sack basket is perfect for flip flops or magazines.  Via sfgirlbybay.

3. Ilemi bags, via Seesaw.

4. Lock & Co.’s hat box, via quintessentially b.

5. The only backpack I’ll ever wear.  Here’s hoping it comes back in stock.  The only place I’ll wear it as a backpack:  my bike.  Via {frolic}.