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Friday Flotsam

In Fashion, Flotsam, Food on July 9, 2010 at 5:30 am

1. Karen Walker Crazy Tortoise shades via Mrs. Lilien.

2. Paper Plane airmail coin purse, via The Fabric of My Life.

3. Vanessa Jackman’s photo of Carine Roitfeld’s killer combo: camp shirt and white flared jeans.  Try this, or this, and definitely these.

4. Cold drink Inspiration via The Kitchn.

5. Check out their salad dressing roundup while you’re at it.


Vive La Vivier, and Chic Utility

In Fashion on July 8, 2010 at 5:30 am

Clare Vivier’s La Tropizienne tote, $320

Remember that summer clothes spending freeze we talked about last month?  I’m still in it, the one exception being that $30 striped tote, which I’m wearing the daylights out of and love to pieces.

That said, it’s time to start thinking about Fall.  I just about swooned when I saw Clare Vivier’s bags over at Fashion Intel.

No logos, no gimmicks, no hardware rivaling that of a bank vault.  Just a boatload of timeless style. Just the way I like my everyday bags.  “Chic utility,” as their website describes it.  Indeed.

Here are some more beauties from her collection.

Le mini sac, $169

Nubuck messenger tote in navy, $345

iPad case, $99

Care for Croquet?

In Fashion, Feathering the Nest on June 21, 2010 at 11:27 am

Janelle Monáe plays croquet – what’s not to love?

When it comes to the singer-songwriter-self-described High Funkstress and the lawn game (excellent barbecue addition), I’m a convert.

Here’s a good source for new croquet sets.  Better yet: go chippy, vintage or antique.  Don’t forget a short set for the short set.

As for Janelle, has anyone had such a fresh take on menswear?  Few and far between are those who successfully channel both Hepburns, with a dash of Colonel Sanders and Elvis thrown in for good measure.

Friday Flotsam

In Fashion, Feathering the Nest, Flotsam, Food on June 18, 2010 at 5:30 am

Get a load of this peony!

It popped up in our yard and we have only the previous owners to thank for planting such a beauty. As it aged the petal tips turned electric purple.

All right, on to an especially bountiful Friday Flotsam.  I hope you enjoy this week’s random roundup.  It’s a baker’s dozen.

P.S. I am off to pick up the first CSA share of the season, so expect recipes next week, plus an exciting before and after reveal on our den project.


1. Bowtie necklace by Baptiste Viry via Caroline of It Looks to Good to Me ‘s insanely good wish list guest post on Camp Comfort.


2. Pickled radishes via The Kitchn.

3. Erin Fetherston’s entire resort collection via Design Love Fest. Very Victor/Victoria.

4. An herb garden in tea tins via {wit + delight}http://desmitten.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/iosseliani.jpg

5. Stacked rings by Ioselliani via Desmitten (and their brilliant flea market version).

6. Ikea goes soft on us via Love. Obsess. Inspire. I love it.

Steve Madden 'Kinnetic' Flat

7. Steve Madden’s sparkle flats via Design Love Fest .

8. Slowood Studio’s table via Design*Sponge.


9. Steven Alan’s beach blankets via {frolic!}.

10. 5 plants even I can’t kill  – or so says Apartment Therapy.

11. Tops that make your old jars reusable via Shelterrific.

12. A church pew headboard via Design*Sponge.

13. Retro iphone charger (with functional handset!) via automatism.

Friday Flotsam

In Fashion, Feathering the Nest, Flotsam, Food on June 11, 2010 at 9:30 am

1. Eat retro kitchen sign.

2. Crustless Quiche, via Design Love Fest.

4. Brahms Mount blankets via oodles of sources but most recently Bliss.

3. Transportable ceramic herb garden via A Cup of Jo.

5.  This lady’s whole hair situation, via Daucus Carota.

Striped Tote: Summer Shopping Freeze Exception

In Fashion on June 9, 2010 at 5:30 am

Extra large sailor tote bag, $33 at banyanhippo on etsy.

I made several late winter/early spring splurges this year:  this nude gathered dress, these gladiator wedges, this waxed motorcycle jacket, these sky-high heels.  Staples, yes, and some on sale, but still – it was a bit of a spendy period.

Add to that a smattering of Target buys (Eugenia Kim hats galore, Cynthia Vincent yellow wedges, Zac Posen’s snap dress, and a black and white polka-dot bikini) and what do you have?

A shopping freeze!

Clothes only.  Let’s not get militant.

This is my favorite time of year not to shop for clothes.  The weather is as good as it gets in New England, i.e., temperamental but often gorgeous, and my motivation to spend time schlepping to Boston or New York is slim to none.  Given that the warm weather only lasts a few months, fall and spring are smarter investment seasons.

That said, sometimes in the midst of a freeze I get, well, an itch.  And I do like a style-packing bargain.

So when this sailor-striped tote crossed my path via The Neo-Traditionalist, which, incidentally, is fast becoming one of my favorite blogs, I couldn’t pass it up.  Yes, it’s huge – all the better for the beach or farmer’s market.

It should arrive in two weeks.  Meanwhile I’ll be sitting on my shopping hands.

Saturday’s Friday Flotsam

In Fashion, Feathering the Nest, Flotsam on June 5, 2010 at 12:01 pm

A day late, with any luck not a dollar short.  Here’s what I’m loving this week.

1. Jersey knot bracelet, $30 from Tanya Aguiniga.  Via bows + sparrows.

2. Decanter lights by Lee Broom.  Via Apartment Therapy.

3. 3.1 Phlip Lim’s caftan, $250 at Net-a-Porter.

4. Hand bound map journals, $32 at Campbell Raw Press.  Via The Neo-Traditionalist.

5. Typeface: a documentary about American craft in the digital age.  Setting: Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  Posters:  brilliant.  Via freshlyblended.

Friday Flotsam: Fake-Out Watch Bracelet, Wooden Book Blocks, Watermelonade, Gingham, and a Sailor’s Wallpaper

In Fashion, Feathering the Nest, Flotsam, Food on May 28, 2010 at 9:26 am

Friday Flotsam: wherein I share all the best that’s floated my way this week, courtesy of brilliant blogs.

Since some have asked, flotsam refers to anything that accidentally falls overboard, whereas jetsam is anything cast overboard deliberately.  Ah, the delights of nautical terminology.

Before we get to the flotsam, I’d like to thank all the new readers.  I couldn’t be more thrilled to have you.  I’d love to know what you like (and dislike, really) about 5thjoy, so email me (admin@5thjoy.com), message me on Twitter, or leave comments below.

Now, let’s kick of the summer with something shiny, shall we?

1. Tom Binns bracelet.

2. Leanne Shapton’s reimagines classic novels as wooden blocks, available at John Derian. Via The Neo-Traditionalist.

3. Watermelonade: perhaps the perfect summer drink.  Via food52.

4.  This gingham bakeware is begging to take a field trip on a floral picnic blanket.   Via thekitchn.

5.  Fine Little Day ship wallpaper, so apropos in your kid’s living quarters.  Via Poppytalk.

Mad for Maillots

In Fashion on May 25, 2010 at 10:08 am

Submerged watercolor maillot, $298 at Anthropologie

It should hit 79 degrees today, which puts yours truly in a swimmy state of mind. One pieces look awfully stylish this year. (That is the sound of someone getting older.) I gravitate more towards the screen goddess shapes than the eighties side cut-outs. Here are some I’m loving.

Don’t miss the vintage Etsy options at the bottom.

Daybreak Maillot, $148 at Anthropologie

Zimmermann orchid twist swimsuit, $245 at netaporter.com

Zimmermann thorn corset swimsuit, $230 at netaporter.com

Vogie one piece, $88 at Urban Outfitters

Vogue one piece, back. $88 at Urban outfitters.

Accomodating maillot, $188 at Anthropologie

Vintage Rose Marie maillot, $42 from LivingDollVintage on etsy.com

Vintage ruffle swimsuit, $64 from allencompanyinc on etsy.com

Vintage navy polka dot swimsuit, $29 from pineapplemint on etsy.com

Vintage pink and black chevron swimsuit, $32 from shopREiNViNTAGE on etsy.com

Vintage black and white blousy swimsuit, $28 from piratesb00ty on etsy.com

Vintage Bill Blass one-shouldered swimsuit, $48 from shopREiNViNTAGE on etsy.com

Friday Flotsam: Parm-Thyme Crackers, Ballet Leggings, Stripes & More

In Fashion, Feathering the Nest, Flotsam, Food on May 21, 2010 at 2:21 pm

Remember these lamps and how I was stumped on what to put in them?

Well, I step out my door one morning to find a delivery from the driftwood fairy:  a gorgeous knotty bunch, tangled with seaweed and tied in salvaged rope.  Thanks, Mom.  Can’t think of a better way to set off the marble top and silver candlesticks.

Now, onto Friday Flotsam.  Lots of stripes, and don’t expect them to let up anytime soon.  I can’t seem to get enough.

1. I’m making Mary Ann McCormick’s parmesan and thyme crackers this weekend. Via the ever-relevant Heather Atwood.

2. This hat packs a lot of style for $50. Via Mrs. Lilien.

3. Get your little ones connect-the-dot thank you notes. Via Black Eiffel.

4. One cannot have too many sources for affordable art. Welcome Art Muse, via Apartment Therapy.

5. These leggings are fun. Via High Street Market.

6. The New Brahmin wants to bring back the off-white dinner jacket. Huzzah!

7. French Connection’s sunrise weave clutch, via Who What Wear.

8. This crazy-good-looking Vineyard home in Elle Decor may have made me a Meg Ryan convert.