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Cookout Turned Cook-in: Feta Lamb Burgers and More

In Food on June 16, 2010 at 5:30 am

While Amy Meier‘s photo shoot at our place went off without a hitch, our celebratory BBQ encountered a couple: rolling banks of mist and the threat of thunderstorms.

Nothing to do but cook in, instead.  Light the fire, ladle the fish chowder, and get cozy (Amy’s favorite word).

We began with pesto di prosciutto, homemade hummus and skewers of mozzarella, grilled nectarines and basil.  Tip: beware of over-grilling the nectarines.   Makes for hard-to-assemble skewers.  The watermelonade went down easy, whether au naturel or doctored with spirits.

The main course:  lamb burgers stuffed with mint and feta, fish chowder (recipe to come), hot dogs, roasted asparagus and radishes, and a simple chopped Greek salad.

I had dreams of making faiselle popsicles for dessert, but left them in the “What was I thinking??  There’s no time for that!” dust, opting for ice cream sandwiches.  Amy made the toll house cookies.  All I had to do was squish a small scoop of Häagen-Dazs between each pair (which was inexplicably fun), and pop them in the freezer.

Given the Herculean efforts required to get a far-flung group of friends together these days (remember when meeting for manicures was as easy as breathing?), we weren’t about to let a little sea mist get in our way.

As much as I love – fine, need – solitude, it’s much easier to savor with a gathering or two thrown into the mix.  And vice versa.

Thanks, Ame, for having the presence of mind to take photos the day after a grueling shoot of your own, and for making two batches of cookies on that sprained ankle.

You’re the best excuse a gal could have for a cook-in.

All photos courtesy of Amy Meier.

  1. Stunning. I wanna jump through the pictures and devour everything I see.

  2. Thanks for a lovely evening Abby. You’re a wonderful hostess indeed!

  3. Awww, this makes me want to jump back on a plan and fly out there again! You threw quite the fabulous party! Thank YOU for getting everyone together. I am going to try and recreate the lamb burger for Kevin.

  4. Joey, now you see why I couldn’t order an ice cream sandwich Monday night. I also have a “no breakfast meat on weekdays” rule. Otherwise, chaos.

  5. Steph we loved having you two and your little peach. She was the hit of the party. Also still crowing about our Pack n Play dismantling prowess.

  6. AME! get your butt back here. with Kevin and Captain next time.

  7. Abby – Thank for such a fabulous evening! You are the world’s best hostess ever indeed. So great to see you and everyone you gathered together. Can’t wait till next time…

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