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This Little Piggy Went to The Market Restaurant on Lobster Cove

In Food on June 8, 2010 at 12:22 pm

First our fearless foodie Heather went to The Market Restaurant (twice, actually).  Then the lovely folks at the North Shore Dish paid a visitMaggie rediscovered the joys of living in New England with her husband there.  Joey got in on the action, too, capturing proprietors Amelia O’Reilly & Nico Monday on (adorable) video.

In an appropriate fifth blogger place (but not last – with any luck Author Jane‘ll love this spot’s passion for local food and perhaps bestow a thoughtful post), the Mr. and I took a drive over to Annisquam last night for a rare treat: a Monday night date.

Famished, we forfeited our usual menu negotiations (we’re compulsive sharers), and ordered the whole shebang.  Two appetizers, three entrees and a dessert.  In fairness to the menu, we did skip the third appetizer; this local girl hasn’t developed a taste for mussels.  Shame on me.

While the Market is very much of Gloucester, its spirit echoed Casa Felix, the Buenos Aires restaurant run by a couple in their home.  The Mr. doubted the parallel until he took a bite of the potato gnocchi with peas, fava beans and mint, which elicited a nod: the mix of seasonal and personal crossed a hemisphere in a split second.

My fellow bloggers already captured the atmosphere (comfortable as ten-year old boat shoes), the family connection (Nico and Amelia’s respective siblings, Oliver and Max, work alongside them), and the fiercely local menu (it changes daily).

My two cents:  It’s a bracing breath of fresh air to go to a restaurant with a stunning view and stellar food executed with heart and without a whiff of pretension.  Urban food hubs have long been moving towards local, seasonal food served in a manner and atmosphere of commensurate comfort and joy; it’s about time we saw more of that in local restaurants.

That is to say, a gorgeous water view oughtn’t limit dining options to seafood-in-the-rough (which will always have a beloved place here) and overly fussy food towers squiggled with raspberry reductions (I’ll pass, thanks).

There’s a middle way, paved with honesty, humor and pride in the craft, and The Market’s walking it.

We went wheeeeeeeeee all the way home.

Follow The Market on their blog and on Twitter.

Iceberg wedge with green goddess dressing and poached shrimp

Warm goat cheese toast with radicchio and fried herbs

Shellfish arancini with Oliver’s cress and aioli

Potato gnocchi with fava beans, English peas, mint and Parmesan

Seared scallops with marinated beets and cucumber relish

Strawberry bread pudding with whipped cream

  1. […] This Little Piggie Went to The Market Restaurant on Lobster Cove […]

  2. I have so many fond memories of rowing or motoring a boat across the Cove to sit at the “Snack Bar” at the Market and have a big Cherry Coke! This last picture you posted shows the cottage where our family stayed each summer for a few weeks…all 8 of us! Can’t wait to get over and try the new “Market Restaurant”!

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