Abigail Cahill O'Brien

My Home Office

In Feathering the Nest on June 1, 2010 at 7:22 am

Well, sort of.

We actually call this area the “home command center.”  It catches and corrals the ephemera of our daily lives.

I don’t write here. Staring at unanswered invites, reminders of our town dump’s hours and an arsenal of chargers tends to clog up the creative works.  I have a desk that is visually simpler, and I ping-pong between the simple desk, the couch and bed.

This desk, though, keeps us sane.

The most important element is the organizing system from Pottery Barn.  I researched the heck of wall systems about a year ago, and while PB’s price gave me (long, tortured) pause, after much hemming and hawing I eventually bit the bullet due to its heft and flexibility.

It’s important to note they bill this color as white, and it certainly isn’t, as you can see against all the white Ikea accessories. Those egg-shaped containers are Ikea, and I love them deeply.  The pendants are Restoration Hardware.

Dedicated docking stations for our iPhones are handy.  Why does my husband’s wallet think it can recharge itself?  iEnvy much?  Ahem.  That dock is clearly labeled “abby.”

Speaking of labels, the second row still needs some.  Most likely “gum/misc/biz cards.”  Stashing business cards here means they’re easy to flip through and keeps the strain off my wallet.

Pretty notebooks and a flower round things out nicely.

  1. OK Abby Joy you need to be honest. Did you stage this shot complete with fresh cut flowers or are you that neat? -because if you are THAT organized you ought to get some sort of Miss Neat award or something.

  2. The pendants turned out amazing! Love this space.

  3. Busted by Joey! It gets pretty rowdy. Overgrown piles of magazine tear sheets happen, I’m not gonna lie. I’d say it’s this neat once every 2 months. But I’m a slob in recovery, so that’s progress.

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