Abigail Cahill O'Brien

Parmesan-Thyme Crackers for Grown Ups

In Food on May 24, 2010 at 6:51 am

As promised, I made MaryAnn McCormick’s crackers this weekend, and they did not disappoint.   If you’ve ever tasted a Cheez-It or Kraft mac and cheese and wondered where the heck the cheese was (the worst is going back for a second bite, as if the real cheese flavor will magically reveal itself), this is the cracker for you.  This is what I wish Cheez-Its tasted like, with added interest from the thyme.

A couple notes: I substituted Pecorino Romano (that’s what I had on hand) for Parmesan.  From the looks of the browning on mine, I cooked them a tad longer than she did, and while they didn’t taste burnt they did kind of pulverize instantly in your mouth.   Next time I might cut them a bit thicker and cook them a 19 minutes instead of 20. And I’d kick up the cayenne, too.  Watch MaryAnn make these crackers here.

You can buy MaryAnn’s lovely “cookies for grown ups” (read: spicy, surprising, sophisticated) online, or locally at Duckworth Beach Gourmet and Lula’s Pantry.

In other goings on: last year my husband’s aunt brought us cuttings from his grandmother’s irises.  He planted them and promptly forgot where, so we were delighted to see them bloom.  You can tell we haven’t attacked the landscaping by the scraggly wasteland behind them, but when we get around to it these will find a new and permanent home.

  1. I saw your blog featured on Joey’s GMG page…i read some of your archives and saw that we had many of the same loves and interests..quinoa..i have a 4 lb. bag in my cupboard, Anthropology dresses..although, i can’t afford them, Ice Box Cake..i’ve made it twice in the past few months..i’ve been coveting that orange Kitchen Aid for a long time…mine is white.. boo, and i had cut out the recipe the the Grown Up Cheese Crackers from the GDT to make one day soon. Fifth Joy is being bookmarked at the top of my “check in daily” list…thanks, Joey for the heads up and thanks, Abby for blogging about the stuff i love….

  2. starsquiggle, we’re kindred spirits! Do make these crackers – they are bite, size, intense and perfect for cocktail hour. BTW don’t you love the Taste of the Times? Our local paper is getting so sophisticated.

    Thank you so much for visiting and bookmarking. Come back soon!

  3. i haven’t made the crackers yet..i think i’m gonna’ get a bag of them at Duckworth’s (thanks for that info too) to give them a try to see if i like them before making them myself…yes, i do love the Taste of the Times feature in the Times…as well as the RELISH supplement…

    • I should have mentioned that the crackers aren’t available at Duckworth’s; due to the butter they aren’t stable enough for retail. This is MaryAnn’s home baker recipe. But her other delicious sweet and savory cookies are.

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