Abigail Cahill O'Brien

The Look of Enamel, All Grown Up in Porcelain

In Uncategorized on May 17, 2010 at 3:02 pm

The Marie Antoinetta porcelain bowl, $219 at Greta.  Spotted on Handmade Charlotte.

When I spied these bowls over on Handmade Charlotte, I thought immediately of the Picasso sketches I’d seen last week in New York (the Met and MoMA both have Picaso retrospectives through August):

I also thought of the enamelware we used as kids, both to eat from and bang on, usually out of doors.

These are not enamel; they are hand-painted porcelain, and the designer, Marta Giardini, was inspired by 18th century hairstyles.

I’d love to see the bowl  overflowing with hydrangeas or peonies.  For casual dinners, I’d mix it with La Chamba oven-to-table cookware.

The Marie Antoinetta bowls coordinate with the larger Louis collection pictured below.

  1. Abigail have you popped into Alexandra’s Bread Co? You may think about breads and scones when you think of the joint but she has an incredible eye for design. Check out her enamelware for sale as well as other local design treats like the Cape Ann Blue Willow Pattern. i bought one for the Mrs to frame but haven’t gotten around to framing it-

  2. Love those pitchers Joey. I’ve been to Alexandra’s many times, usually in a desperate-for-bread frenzy. Will have to check out her other goods — thanks for the tip!

  3. Love these! And keep up the great work. I know that I will always find something beautiful to brighten my day on 5th Joy!

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