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20×200: Up with Art

In Feathering the Nest on May 3, 2010 at 6:32 am

Why You Should Buy Art by William Powhida

If you have a lot of blank walls, a little cash and haven’t heard of 20×200, this is your lucky day.  And by  a little cash I mean $20.  Jen Bekman’s online gallery offers limited-edition prints from $20 to $2000 in various sizes. Her brick and mortar gallery often carries the original works.

Fast Company recently named Jen one of the Most Influential Women in Technology of 2010.  She talks to them about accessibility, snobbery, and the online intersection of art and commerce here.

After years of stalking – no joke, two years – I finally pounced on a few pieces during the site-wide 20% off sale featured in last week’s Friday Flotsam.  Here’s what I took home: a slice of our old neighborhood in New York, a Vogue article rendered as color study (the artist assigned each letter of the alphabet a color blob), a bookshelf turned to coal, and fish on a clothesline.

Don’t see anything you love on 20×200?  Keep looking. New editions launch twice a week, so chances are, you will.

West Nineteenth Street (Yellow Dress) by Joseph O. Holmes

Vogue JUL07:pg145 (Ripeness is All) by Lauren DiCioccio

Bookshelf 29 by Jane Mount

Fishline by Juliane Eirich

  1. Excellent tip, Weirdo. Neil and I are tempted by the close-ups of rotting baseballs.

  2. I love those, Annie, especially the black & white unraveling one that looks like an elephant.

    Dear readers: my sister Annie, a.k.a. Brainer, calls me Weirdo. As a child, this probably had something to do with my tendency to walk while reading, Gollum-esque eye-to-skull ratio, and rampant facial eczema. Now it is old hat, and yes, I do respond to it. As my actual name.

    Some sweet day I’ll attend one of her philosophy lectures – or better yet, a philosophy conference! – and yell from the back, “Brainer! Excuse me, Brainer, a question on the application of Kant’s categorical imperative, if you’ll permit . . .”

  3. […] the few weeks since we talked here about 20×200, Juliane Eirich’s “Fishline” photo arrived, went to the framers […]

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