Abigail Cahill O'Brien

Spring Salad: Asparagus, Cucumbers, Grapes and Goat Cheese

In Food on April 28, 2010 at 7:47 pm

For solo, at-home lunches and dinners I tend towards large quantities of flavor-packed vegetables, like a whole bag of broccoli slaw briefly tossed in hot sesame oil and grated ginger, or a plate of green beans topped with a mess of sauteed mushrooms.  It’s the kind of eating that looks weird but hits the spot.

There’s a chance these nights of flexitarian restraint balance the ones when I’m tucking into a big hunk of meat and an even chewier Cabernet.  But honestly, most of the time I’m driven by a hankering for simple vegetables.

If you’re faced with a massive salad craving and there’s nary a leaf in sight, improvise with asparagus, halved red grapes, cucumber slices, dollops of goat cheese, and a grainy mustard vinaigrette (1tbsp olive oil, 1/2 tbsp red wine vinegar, drip of honey and a 1/2 tsp grainy mustard).  Oh, and a healthy dusting of Maldon salt.

Then, select two homemade cookies (or dissect two Oreos), pour a tall glass of milk, and fire up the Hulu.  Good times.

  1. Loving this recipe! Keep sharing more easy toss meals (for those of us who do not excel at cooking).

  2. I’m solo tonight and put this salad on the menu. Between the asparagus and cucumber, it truly is a delicious cleansing spring salad. Keep the great recipes coming!

  3. […] I still love grapes and goat cheese in my salads and I’m aware it’s no longer 1992.  If you’re ever inspired to make […]

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