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In Fashion, Feathering the Nest on April 27, 2010 at 5:18 pm

Photo by Eric Laurits.  7:26 AM. Lubec, Maine.

Yesterday was planes, trains and automobiles.  Literally.  After taking the red eye from AZ to NYC, the train from NYC to Boston, and a car from Boston to my doorstep, I arrived, tired and rumpled, to find a four foot cardboard tube propped on the front stairs.  Inside: the above photo, printed in large format.  While some might quibble that it’s not exactly home (I live in Massachusetts, not Lubec, Maine), it captures the coastal New England days when the mist smells of salt and the ocean looks like rough slate squiggled with white cap hieroglyphics.

San Diego interior designer Amy Meier introduced me to photographer Eric Laurits, whose series of day-break photos in Lubec, ME (the easternmost point in the U.S.) practically begged to populate the huge empty space above one of our couches.  Check out Eric’s portfolio and blog, and I promise I’ll share the finished product once it’s framed and hung.

In the meantime I also promised you a dress update from the (phenomenal) wedding in Arizona, so here goes!  It’s a Rachel Comey dress I can’t seem to find online, and the shoes are from Zara.

Here’s the vintage broach I wore in my hair, which I received as a bridesmaid’s gift at yet another fabulous wedding:

  1. The soft and almost mystical feel of the image comes through perfectly on the fine art paper! I love the way the textural landscape of the paper gives the image a chalky feel. Can’t wait to see it up on the wall!

  2. More about those earrings…?

  3. well, Raybo, nothing gets by you does it? those sparkly flower studs ran me all of $7 on etsy. the seller doesn’t have any other vintage items, but perhaps 5thjoy is die for a vintage jewelry round up!

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