Abigail Cahill O'Brien

Friday Flotsam

In Flotsam on April 2, 2010 at 9:25 am

Here’s a view of my slightly sloppy desk, adorned with the flowering branches I was wishing for last week.  I found them at Costco for $10 a bunch.  Not too shabby.

Apparently this is the week of announcing new series.  Today we have the first installment of Friday Flotsam, a round-up of (you guessed it) five juicy tidbits that floated by this week and ought not go unshared.

Happy clicking.

1. What type are you?  Helvetica?  I’m Archer Hairline, which I quite like. Take the quiz here. Who knew a headless German man in tweed could be so soothing? Via Homelove.

2. Take a stunning 360 tour of the Sistine Chapel.  Be sure to zoom. Via Ion Sokhos (thanks!).

3. The most shocking and perfect lipstick red porch floor. Via Little Augury.

4. {wit + delight}’s jet setting must-haves, including a canary yellow suitcase.

5. Morris Kitchen’s ginger syrup.  Oh, just imagine the Dark ‘n’ Stormies.  Via Hither & Thither.

P.S. Expect light posts next week.  I’ll be in New York gathering inspiration, a.k.a. eating up a storm.  Toodles.

  1. […] couple Friday Flotsams ago included a link referencing some serious luggage by the name of Globe-Trotter.  This is […]

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