Abigail Cahill O'Brien

The Handsome Couple

In Feathering the Nest, Food on April 1, 2010 at 2:05 pm

Feast your eyes on the vintage Hamilton Beach milkshake mixer we recently brought home, thanks to a brilliant bit of antiquing with my mother in law, the fruits of which you’ll see on the blog for months to come.

I didn’t think I could love our Kitchen Aid anymore, but they’re even better looking as a pair.  It’s like the hot curvy girl started going steady with the aloof, lanky-but-brooding guy.  Grease lightening!

Say what?  You’d like a view from the side?

Don’t fret, this isn’t one of those look-what-I-scored-you’ll-never-find-anything-like-it-in-a-million-years post.  You can find similar ones on ebay.

In my neck of the woods we distinguish between frappes and milkshakes.  I’ll leave that regional quirk and frappe recipes for another post. For now, can you imagine whipping up a frappe in this, pouring the frosty sludge into a Picardie glass, and sipping it through one of these stainless steel straws?


Stainless steel straws, $18 for set of six at Brook Farm General Store

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