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Amy Meier Design is Blogging

In Feathering the Nest on March 9, 2010 at 6:30 am

Amy Meier, Owner and Principle Designer of Amy Meier Design

Here’s the thing about interior decorating.  I love researching design (especially accessories) and can easily pick out likes and dislikes from a magazine spread, but when it comes to taking a room from 0 to 60, I sputter and stall out at paint selection.  I brought home eight grays, only to discover they were all blue.  Fabric is tricky, too, not to mention furniture scale.

So much goes into a satisfying interior.  Rookie mistakes like picking the wrong paint color or buying a couch that’s six inches too long can tip the scales in the wrong direction.

Lucky for me, my beyond dear friend, San Diego interior designer Amy Meier is there to help.  Amy feels the same way about writing as I do about design – which is to say, occasionally stuck.  We swap services, and voilà!  She has copy, and my walls have the perfect shade of gray.

Lucky for you, Amy is blogging.  And the blog is 100% hers, I haven’t contributed a word.  She’s blogging about her home office makeover.  About the gorgeous coffee table she designed for me.  About kick ass Czech chairs and canopy beds and barometers.

Did I mention she’s brilliant?

San Diego Home/Garden has already discovered her.  I wager they’re the first of many.  So click on over and explore.

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