Abigail Cahill O'Brien

Poach an Egg! It’s Way Healthier.

In Food on March 1, 2010 at 1:48 pm

Confession: until a short while ago, I refused to poach eggs at home.  Poaching at home seemed complicated, time consuming and messy.  What a silly hangup.  Turns out, it’s none of the above, and it’s a good deal healthier than scrambling or frying. Not just because there’s no additional fat required, though that is helpful.

According to John Bagnulo, who teaches nutrition for the Kripalu Center,  the cholesterol in egg yolks only becomes problematic when oxidized, as they are when scrambled or fried.  Read John’s take on poached eggs here, including his insight on the yolk’s liver-friendly choline content.

Try this for a quick, satisfying weeknight dinner: a bed of roasted Parmesan asparagus (roast olive-oil coated asparagus at 400 degrees for 12 minutes, then dust with grated Parmesan and roast another 5 minutes til crispy) topped with sauteed baby bella mushrooms dusted with black truffle salt, two poached eggs and parsley.

Here’s how I poach:

  1. Crack egg into metal measuring cup with handle (the handle keeps you a little further from the simmering water).
  2. Fill small frying pan with water, almost to the top. Add a dash of white vinegar
  3. Bring to a boil, then lower heat til barely simmering.
  4. Gently tip the egg from the cup into the water (the bottom of the cup will be submerged).
  5. Cook 3-4 minutes, edging whites together with a spoon if necessary.
  6. Remove egg with sieve skimmer or slotted spoon.

Still nervous?  Watch video directions courtesy of the kitchn.

  1. Love this! For those of us that are not a natural of a cook, this lesson was great! Very straight forward with many new tips I had not heard of in the past. Thank you!
    Amy Meier

  2. I was always scared too! Not like I eat them but the love of my life would gobble them up. Hook, line and sinker.

  3. WOWSA. I came home from the gym, need a quick bite and needed to eat the asparagus in my fridge before they went bad. Then remembered your post! Holy cow, not only was it incredibly easy (20 min) but I sat there afterwards and wallowed in the deliciousness. This is going to be a staple. I can’t believe I know how to poach an egg, thank you.

  4. […] Then after a particularly sweaty yoga class:  English muffin scraped with bacon marmalade, topped with thick cut tomato, avocado and two (perfectly, if I do say so myself) poached eggs. […]

  5. […] identified them as Yukina Savoy (thanks, Jane).  Stir in 1-2 tbsp basil pesto.  Top with a poached egg and grated […]

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