Abigail Cahill O'Brien

Best Classic Everyday Glasses: Picardie Tumblers

In Feathering the Nest on February 25, 2010 at 6:30 am

Picardie glass tumblers, $79 for a set of 24 (assorted sizes) at Williams Sonoma

About nine month ago we stocked up on Ikea glasses for everyday use.  We like them, but between our clumsy butterfingers and the dishwasher’ tendency to eat them for breakfast, it’s beginning to feel like an Agatha Christie novel in our cupboard . . . and then there were five.

I settled on the above Picardie Tumblers.  Their French bistro curves put me in mind of lazy afternoons whiled away at a cafe.  Reviewers say they withstand a bounce on the floor, which is a job requirement in our house.  In the long run, they’ll go nicely with the Laguiole flatware we’re eying.

The runner up was the sturdy and respectable, not to mention affordable, Working Glass from Crate & Barrel.  These come with a plastic lid, so they can double as food storage containers.  The lines are more akin to a jam jar.

Handsome, no?

These two glasses strike me as masculine and feminine versions on a theme.

Working Glass, $.50-1.50 at Crate & Barrel

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