Abigail Cahill O'Brien

Ultimate Snow Boots

In Fashion on January 12, 2010 at 7:51 pm

Pajar Grip Boot, $195 at endless.com

I am so happy with these guys (also available in brown, cream and white).  Why?

The styling is terrifically functional, without any frou-frou fur trim.  The stylistic restraint is perfect if, like me, one more piece of fake fur would land your cold weather look squarely in Nanook of the North territory.  And yet it’s not boring or entirely traditional either.  The slim profile doesn’t bulk up the leg.  The laces ensure a snug fit but don’t have to be retied every time (I’m able to pull them on and off without unlacing).  An authentic shearling lining actually keeps feet warm.

Finally, they are blissfully light, which means you can tramp around all day in them without any discomfort.  I pounded New York’s pavements for a full day of 20 degree weather, and my feet were happy.  A couple times I’ve found myself still wearing them while cooking dinner.  They are that comfortable; you just plain forget you have them on.

Did I mention the patch?  Besides lending your daily grind an official air, the patch’s maple leaf refers to the brand’s Canadian heritage.  And they know a thing or two about cold up there.

  1. Abby:

    Are you by any chance cold?

  2. Yes, Brainer. Yes I am.

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