Abigail Cahill O'Brien

For Everyone Who Is Ridiculously Cold

In Flotsam on January 12, 2010 at 7:45 pm

Cashmere Hot Water Bottle, on sale for $19 at Restoration Hardware

A cashmere hot water bottle will change your winter.

Afraid the turtleneck and pocket detailing are a bit twee? True, pulling off a turtleneck with panache is a rare ability among humans, let alone inanimate objects. But once you’re snuggling up with this on the couch or grazing a toe against it in after it’s warmed your bed, you will forgive any preciousness.  And your heating bill will thank you.

Popping it in a Baby Bjorn for hands-free toting seems totally rational, so you could say I’m attached.

  1. um, do you have a baby bjorn? and if so, why? For the more pedestrian among us I endorse the snuggie. Yes, ridiculously cheesy, but man that thing works. I will redeem myself and say I have a pair of RH cashmere slippers, which sadly I am wearing now underneath my desk. (Apparently office buildings in Miami do not have heat.)

  2. no i don’t HAVE a baby bjorn, i’m just saying, the thought of using it to transport the water bottle has crossed my mind.

    no snuggie judgement as long as it stays within the four walls of one’s own home.

    have you seen the snuggie suit? http://www.boston.com/lifestyle/fashion/stylephile/2010/01/your_lips_are_s.html?p1=Well_MostPop_Emailed6

    I really hope they come out with one in leopard print.

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