Abigail Cahill O'Brien

Holiday Gift For: The Host(ess)

In Flotsam on December 18, 2009 at 10:10 am

Egg timer, $12 at Anthropologie

My favorite hostess gifts are handy and frivolous. While there’s nothing wrong with toting a bottle of wine to a party or weekend stay, less-traveled routes beckon.  A potted orchid or herb plant always goes over well; they’re easy to care for, beautiful and useful.  I love this egg timer from Anthropologie.  Yes, they have a timer somewhere in their kitchen already, but this is much more fun to use than the microwave’s digital display. 

Eye mask, $22 at Flight 001

An eyemask to help them sleep after all the commotion.

Jute Wine bags, $16 at Wisteria

Jute wine bags fall in the handy-but-frivolous category.

Shea butter hand cream, $26 at L'Occitane

Really, really, ridiculously good hand cream, from L’Occitane or Kiehl’s.

Olive wood salt keeper, $50 at Williams Sonoma

Fancy-dancy olive oil and salt are perennial winners.  This salt keeper goes with modern and traditional kitchens.

  1. clearly I am inviting you over so I get one of these

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