Abigail Cahill O'Brien

When “Horsey” is a Good Thing: Equestrian Leggings

In Fashion on October 22, 2009 at 11:11 am


What’s not to love about Betty draper’s riding finery? I’m rocking a version of this look more and more now that we’re in the ‘burbs. Typically it goes: Frye riding boots + leggings + long thin tank + long cardigan + horsey brown cinched belt+ messy bun. Not ground-breaking fashion, but it beats yoga pants.

Colder weather means regular leggings won’t do the trick for long. I spied this pair on a friend this weekend:


$88 riding pants at J. Crew

They have a nice weight, no bulk, and plenty of elasticity to hold everything in (seriously – I may even consider skipping the long cardigan with these babies and opting for a shorter jacket).  There’s a darling exposed gold zipper in the back.  Best of all, they come in Betty’s slate gray/blue (and black of course).

The key is to wear only one or two equestrian elements at a time, and then mess something up (your hair) or layer something on (some tougher jewelry?). Though who am I to give advice – I live near a horse farm and everyone keeps asking if I’m going riding.  Now, if I wear picking off crows in my nightie, that might be worth an enquiry or two . . .


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  2. […] some time now.  I just dig it’s whole traditional with a twist attitude.  I already wear riding-inspired gear to the complete befuddlement of my neighbors, who keep asking if I’m headed to the horse […]

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