Abigail Cahill O'Brien

Lonny Picks Up Domino’s Torch

In Feathering the Nest on October 2, 2009 at 3:42 pm


Let’s not get started on how much we miss Domino. It’s a dark place for us shelter magazine addicts, and since this addict just had a lovely gazpacho lunch, she’d rather not go there. Thankfully, when you’re done trolling through sfgirlbybay’s lovingly archived Domino images, there’s a new, less morbid way to get your fix.

A text from my tuned in friend Gisela turned me onto Lonny, a recently-launched online decor magazine. Lonny promises to “reopen the doors of accessible design.” It’s a whopping 200 pages long, and yes, there are several ads, a heartening indication the venture may have a fighting chance.

The magazine’s title, a squishing together of London and New York, reflects the editors’ self-professed sources of inspiration. Domino’s touch is evident, not just in the house tour of a former Domino market editor, but in the cheery voice and design.

A note on the design: it’s not always polished, and the befuddling cover photo has “parenting mag” splashed all over it, but we’d do well to remember this was put together after-hours by folks with day jobs and little funding. Any new source of achievable design inspiration is welcomed in my book, or on my laptop as it were. They’ll work out the kinks (like eliminating anemic fashion layouts, pretty please). In the meantime we’ll enjoy the comforting ritual of flipping through a decor mag in a whole new medium, with the added benefit of instant links to product. In that area they’ve out-Dominoed Domino.

Here’s to innovation rising phoenix-like from the economic ashes. Can you feel it?

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