Abigail Cahill O'Brien

Weck Have You Been All My Life?

In Feathering the Nest, Food on September 28, 2009 at 10:39 pm


My friends’ bachelorette parties tend towards good food, wine and sunny environs.  For this I’ll count myself ever blessed.  The typical cakes and props are nerve wracking, the mandatory headgear humiliating.  Head garb ought to be a no-go zone for social coercion.  Thank goodness the tasteful trend continued this weekend.  We began my dear friend Amy’s festivities with a winery picnic lunch, which I packed in my newest storage crush: Weck canning jars.

They’re sleeker than Ball jars, and the lid sits nicely even without the rubber seal and clamps, allowing for easy fridge storage. Sionara, Tupperware! Or at least take a vacation.

To purchase in bulk, download and mail or call in an order form via Weck.

Better yet, call up Lula’s Pantry in Rockport, MA (978-546-0010) for a mix of individual sizes. Lula’s prices range from $4-7 per jar. Not the cheapest canning option out there, but well worth it for the shelf appeal and sturdy heft.

In case you’re wondering what lucky foodstuffs made it into the jars, we dined on Pimento Goat Cheese Spread in honor of the bride’s Midwestern cheeseball-loving roots (the old fashioned appetizer, not the groom), Green Goddess Chicken Salad, Corn and Radish Salad with Spicy-Lime Dressing (a great way to use up radishes), and roasted Parmesan-lemon Brussel sprouts and asparagus (no recipe for that, just roast them at 450 degrees with olive oil and salt & pepper for 20-30 mins, then toss with lemon juice and Parmesan to taste). Crusty rolls, Pinot Noir and assorted cookies rounded out the menu.

And yes, the aptly-named “asparagus jar” does perfectly accommodate vertical spears.

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